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Gazego's offers the ideal way to rent a gazebo for your event because Gazego's delivers! We drop it off, set it up, and pick it up so you have one less detail to worry about in planning your event. Your gazebo is guaranteed to be delivered at least three hours before your event.

Our exclusive portable gazebos are constructed mostly with steel, aluminum, and vinyl for quality and appearance.

Gazego's is headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan to service the Grand Rapids and surrounding West Michigan area. Please call for special pricing on a delivery more than 100 miles from our Zeeland location. To rent a gazebo for your event, please contact us to verify availability on the date you need it. Once a gazebo rental date is approved, print the forms available below from this site, fill them out, and mail them with your deposit.


Please call 616.893.1564 or email us to verify availability of a gazebo on your event date. Then, print a copy of both the following forms to fill out and send in: Rental Cost Information Form and Customer Agreement Form.

If you have a current portable gazebo rental agreement, you can pay securely online here.

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How much does it cost to rent an 8 foot octagon portable gazebo?

Our basic 1 DAY rental fee is $660. A gazebo rental within 30 miles of our Zeeland location includes set up, delivery, and removal. Past that, our travel fee is $3 per mile, one way, with service up to about 100 miles.

How much is required for a deposit?

Your rental date is secured when we receive 50% of the total due. A receipt will be issued with a confirmation number, including your rental date. This is non-refundable.

When is the balance due?

Gazego's MUST receive the balance two (2) weeks prior to your event, for delivery to take place.

When can I expect the gazebo to arrive at our chosen site?

Gazego's guarantees delivery at least three (3) hours before your event; sooner by request.

What kind of clearance is needed to fit the gazebo in my chosen spot?

The gazebo will need a 10' wide x 13' 6" height clearance.

Is there any preparation that I need to do on the site?

Having a level, stable base, will enable the gazebo to look correct when set up. Include an extra 3 feet from the front three sides for the steps. Finally, clear the entrance pathway of all obstructions. We will use our jacks for final leveling and positioning.

How easy is it to get a gazebo into position without any lawn damage?

We will use our experience to prevent or minimize any damage and will always treat your property as if it were our own. Our portable gazebos have wheels under the tongue to help maneuver it into the exact position you desire. Please notify us of any other concerns. Gazego's is not responsible for lawn/yard damage beyond our control, such as extreme soft or wet soil that results in tire tracks from delivery.

How is the gazebo transported?

Since our gazebo is built on its own licensed, compact, aluminum trailer, it is transported down the road. At the site, it can be hand-pushed into place if the surface is firm and level.

Won't the trailer and tires show when the gazebo is set up?

Absolutely not! We snap on a thick, vinyl, white skirting that hides everything, and gives the gazebo a permanent look. Additionally, the stairs and handrails are securely attached for beauty and safety.

What if a friend's home, or park is my chosen site?

Then you must obtain permission. You may download a permission slip from our website that needs to be filled out, signed, and mailed to us, so we are authorized to set up the gazebo. Ideally, this should be included when giving us your deposit and other info.

Can I decorate the gazebo any way I wish, or will you decorate it for me?

Yes, you may, but please use soft material that won't cause damage or leave residue. Ask about our low cost decorating options, too.

O.K., I love the idea and want to get started! How do I rent a portable gazebo?

Simply call or email us to make sure your date is available. Download and complete the two needed forms on our website, include your deposit and mail in. You could also pay using our website's pay pals, or in person, by appointment.


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